Trojan Good Things, 10/2

Trojan Good Things, 10/2
Posted on 10/02/2020
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Happy Friday to you, following a busy week for us all! I hope you’re enjoying our crisp, fall weather. I have a handful of great Trojan Good Things from across the district, in your own words. Thank you all for lifting each other up! Read, below:

“The technology department has been on fire- finishing work orders almost as soon as we submit them. With all the stressful things going on, the fact that we are NOT having technology issues is much appreciated. Thank you!” 

“I want to recognize Dr. Nehus, Ms. Rosburg, and Ms. Frierson. They took time out from very hectic and busy schedules to visit my dad in the caregiver's house where he is currently staying. His mind is very alert but his body is not so your visit meant a lot to him. It also meant a lot to our family that you cared enough to go see him. God bless.”

“I want to recognize Jaime Limbaugh from Langston. Teaming with Jaime in my 1st year as a 4th grade teacher, I am truly AMAZED and in AWE of her heart. A GREATHEARTED person's characteristics are someone who is generous, high-spirited, fearless, and magnanimous. She truly is GREATHEARTED in that she gives and gives and gives to her students. She is nothing short of fearless - she will do whatever it takes for her students (her students include our whole school, not just her class). Regarding Virtual School.. No Problem for her. Blended .. No Problem.  In Class .. she is special. I know because I have seen it.  High Spirited to a fault? No way - she is quick-thinking, and always four steps ahead of everyone else. Tell her something can't be done .. not with Jaime. She finds a way. In this year's ‘crazy times’ she will get it done...... For her Students. Thank you Jaime for being a great role model for me. She models research-based strategies for me in class respecting me and my teaching style and we laugh a lot in our PLC meetings - not at each other or anyone else, but as therapy. Our students deserve balanced teachers - ‘laughter is the best medicine’ - with laughter we give our students our best. I've learned so much in so little time.”

“The #TrojansRead Book Bus began a Fall route this week, thanks to leadership from our awesome HSSD Librarians - especially the efforts of Mrs. Jessica Jeffers and Mrs. Amy Shipman. Mrs. Jeffers and Mrs. Shipman have made sure that books of all genres and reading levels are available to catch the interest of anyone we encounter, and best of all - they are approachable and kind (as are all of our librarians) to every single person that steps foot on the bus, in a library, or on our campuses.  Thursday was a successful first route of this school year, as our district continued to personally (and safely) reach out to families who have virtual needs. Thank you to our Transportation Department for continuing upkeep/maintenance on the bus and for providing great drivers for us as we navigate Hot Springs streets. Thank you to staff members who have donated books and items to give away. Finally thank you to our dedicated librarians for providing unwavering support to Trojan families and our staff members through the very best books, learning resources, and the technology assistance you provide on campuses and in our libraries, by phone and email with Virtual families remotely, and now - on Thursdays via the TrojansRead Book Bus!” 

Trojan ‘Good Things’ is a weekly shout out from #HSSD Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Nehus to individuals in our school community who are doing amazing things! It is her goal to communicate all the positives happening in #HSSD. If you have any special events happening in your classes or buildings or if you know of someone we need to give a shout out to, please complete the Trojan Good Things Form, here. 

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