Activities to Make Learning Fun ... From Home!

Activities to Make Learning Fun ... From Home!
Posted on 04/29/2020
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Our HSSD Gifted and Talented team, which includes Ms. Laura West and Ms. Alison Carter, have put together unique, engaging, and all-around fun activities for families to enjoy together. These activities require very few additional resources or supplies (if any at all)  outside of the information and/or links provided within each link below. Families can use these ideas, prompts, games, projects, virtual tours, and more as we wrap up the school year online (to supplement AMI coursework) or throughout the summer months.  We hope these ideas help to make education and family time from home memorable for our Trojan Family!

Field Trips and Family Activities

Activity: Cartoon Fun
Find creative comic strips, with incomplete panels! Families can finish each strip to tell a unique story. 

Activity: Catch Up Game
Get to know your family and friends during the quarantine, by asking some engaging (and funny!) questions. 

Activity: Covid19 Time Capsule
Our kids will undoubtedly ask about this historic crisis for years to come. Capture memories from how you spent your time quarantined with this creative Time Capsule project. 

Activity: Desert Dilemma
Your family will enjoy this challenge, asking each individual to rank items in order of importance if stranded in the desert! Families will enjoy unique responses from each participant during shared discussion. 

Activity: Forty Paper Airplanes
No matter what your paper-airplane-making skill level is, the Fold ’n Fly online database probably has a few designs you’ve never even heard of. Choose from 40!

Activity: Grid Drawing 

With the help of grids provided, participants are challenged to replicate a picture just as it is drawn in each grid square.

Activity: If you Give a Moose a Muffin
Listen to the book “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” read aloud, and then create your own puppet show! 

Activity: Just for You
Listen to the book “Just for You” read aloud, and then make something special for someone who is special to you. 

Activity: Neighborhood I Spy Game
Get outside with a purpose. Your family will enjoy a list of easy-to-find items in any Hot Springs neighborhood, that will also prompt your kids to get on the move AND use their minds. 

Activity: Not a Stick

Listen to the book “Not a Stick” read aloud, and then use your imagination to find a stick and discuss the many items it can become!

Activity: Q is for Duck
Listen to the book “Q is for Duck” read aloud, and then follow the challenge to create your own ABC challenge book

Activity: Quarantine Bingo
Enjoy playing this quarantine-style Bingo game with your friends and family inside the house!

Activity: Puzzles from the National Institute of Environmental Health Science
Challenge your family with brainteasers, puzzles, riddles and more via the National Institute of Environmental Health Science.

Activity: Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger Hunt activities are fun, simple ways to get everyone moving. Find Scavenger Hunts put together here with indoor and outdoor themes, as well as by subjects and interest areas. Hunts can be completed as individuals or in teams. 

Activity: Scribble Drawing

What can you make out of a scribble? … you might be surprised! Follow directions included to create a scribble and then work with a partner to create a recognizable image out of anyone’s handiwork.

Activity: Silly Sketch Challenge

Families will choose one of the Ouisi cards (photo cards) provided and incorporate it into an original sketch or picture. 

Activity: Talking Starfish

You discover a talking starfish who asks you to show her what life on land is like … follow directions in this creative prompt to to use innovation in completing the task.

Activity: The Paper Bag Princess

Listen to the book “The Paper Bag Princess” read aloud, and then follow directions for family discussion regarding the strategy  by the heroine in the book. You might find that your family or team devises a better solution! 

Activity: United States Quiz
Can you find all the states in the U.S., or do you need some practice? Check out this Seterra State Map Link (included)  and then see how well you do. Compete against your family members, and see who can fill in the map the quickest and the most correct!

Activity: Water Princess

Listen to the book “Water Princess” read aloud, and then talk to your family (or make a list) of five things you are grateful for in your life right now. This story also prompts a great opportunity to brainstorm solutions to a problem that you might be having. 

Virtual Field Trip: African Safari
Take a virtual African Safari via Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa. You’ll see hyena, springbok, elephants, lions, giraffes and more! 

Virtual Field Trip: Atlanta Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has nine webcams set up so that you can watch the Beluga whales, African penguins, sea lions and other aquatic creatures!


Virtual Field Trip: Kenai Fords National Park, Alaska

Have you ever been to Alaska? Come explore the Kenai Fords National Park, where you’ll get to rappel into a crevasse, look at glaciers and even kayak through icebergs!

Virtual Field Trip: Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington, D.C.
What do the animals at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. do all day? Let’s check in on the webcams there and see! Watch the mole-rats, lions, pandas and elephants. Play the BINGO game (included) for each webcam and see if you can win.

K-6 Social Studies 

Social Studies ABC Book Challenge

Find two sets of book project instructions that help tie literacy and social studies skills.

Social Studies Bingo, 1

Social Studies Bingo, 2

In each Bingo game provided, find a board full of challenges themed specifically to social studies, history, and civics topics/skills/projects. These games are a great way to offer fun educational activities that also  help parents to review learning milestones with  students.

Social and Emotional

Activity/Discussion Topic: Helping Children Manage Energy Levels
Families will find a fun way (using examples such as starfish and tornadoes) to talk to kids about managing energy levels, and encouraging ways to self-calm when they are overstimulated. 

Activity/Discussion Topic: Perseverance

Families will find a coloring sheet and discussion prompt to discuss the need for perseverance during challenging times. 

Activity Ideas: Spreading Positivity during Quarantine

Find a list of ideas to help your kids and/or your family reach out to others virtually and spread kindness, happiness and encouragement during challenging times. 

Instructional Guide/Tips: How to Help Your Child Focus While Learning at Home

Parents will find specific tips for helping kids to focus and stay productive while learning at home. 
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