Oaklawn Presents "Cinderella" March 10 & 12

Oaklawn Presents "Cinderella" March 10 & 12
Posted on 03/05/2020
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The Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School Jr. Broadway production of the musical “Cinderella” is next week! Join us Tuesday, March 10 at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and Thursday, March 12 at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Productions are free to attend by all. This is also a very special production, because it is the last to be performed in the Oaklawn Auditorium (as our Oaklawn students and staff members will move to the building at 701 Main Street in the 2020-2021 school year and all future productions will take place in the auditorium of Main Street Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School; Learn more about changes, here.) Our Oaklawn staff members invite all OVPA alumni (anyone who has been in an Oaklawn production since 2000) to attend “Cinderella” to give this auditorium a nostalgic goodbye and offer celebration toward changes ahead! 

One of the most special things about productions at our OVPA is that they include any 1st-6th grade OPVA student who wants to participate. Students have the opportunity to audition as a main cast member, or to participate as a dancer, choir member, and/or other specialized group needed per the unique requirements of each production. Students and dedicated staff members spend months practicing and preparing for each memorable show. Costumes and props are hand-made. Students feel true ownership of being part of the production and/or supporting all students involved. The production also helps define the theme used by the school throughout the year to inspire special artwork in the hallways, school events, and more. 

OVPA Theatre Teacher Mrs. Roxanne Kirchhoff shared that she finds the story of Cinderella inspiring to audiences of all ages because it’s a tale of “how ultimate kindness and hard work can take people as far as they want to go in life!.” She and all staff members involved are extremely proud of the talented students who have spent countless hours rehearsing. “It’s going to be a wonderful show,” she assures! 

… Get to know the main cast members of “Cinderella,” here! 

Cinderella: Anani Coleman 

Prince: Cordalyn Robinson

Step Mother: Miley Mezo

Step Sister, Anastasia: Kamea Haire 

Step Sister, Drizella: Kaylee McArty

Fairy Godmother:  Maya Nduku

King: Davion Mahone

How would you describe your character?

Anani (Cinderella) - “My character is very sweet and caring. … She just tries to do her job and do her best in life.”

Cordalyn (Prince) - “The Prince is very caring and very confident. He’s not arrogant, he just takes pride in himself, in a nice way.”

Kamea (Anastasia) - “My character is bratty and spoiled most of the time.”

Maya (Fairy Godmother) - “My character is so calm and she’s not me at all. I am very wild and [in this role], I have to be so graceful and calm and magical.” 

Kaylee (Drizella) - “My character is super bratty and more likely to pick a fight than most ... She’s really sassy. She’s like Anastasia but less favored.”

Miley (Stepmother) - “My character is technically jealous of Cinderella, so I [as the Stepmother] make her clean and stuff. I would say she’s very rude. She’s very greedy. She wants HER daughter to marry the Prince.”

Davion (King) - “My character, well - he’s funny! He always wants his son to get a girl. He knows his son is lonely. The King is very energetic … he is not a good listener … in the end, he figures out a solution, though - with the whole ‘all girls should try on the slipper’ thing.”

How is your character most like you? 

Anani (Cinderella): “I would say I’m pretty caring and considerate for the most part. Most people would say that I do think about others and the feelings of others. I’m also like Cinderella because she likes to dance. And I do, too.”

Cordalyn (Prince) - “I’m confident in myself. I have go to work on not tooting my own horn, especially when it comes to basketball.” 

Maya (Fairy Godmother) - “I just don’t even know. I am so wild. You know … I am a helpful friend, though. That’s like her.”

Kamea (Anastasia) - “I am really spoiled - that’s how my character is like me. And, I can be bratty. And I’m very sassy.” 

Kaylee (Drizella) - “My character isn’t like me at all. I’m just … calm. She’s not!”

Miley (Stepmother) - “My character is kind of like me. … I’m pretty spoiled. My character is also like me because I can get an attitude really quick. She is also like me because I need everything to be right. And - like I make Cinderella clean in the show, I make my mom clean in real life (or I ask her to anyway).  I’m not really a brat, but I can be!” 

Davion (King) - “I don’t think the King is really like me, because I’m weird almost all the time … but the King is nice. And I am nice.”

What is the biggest challenge of being part of the main cast?

The group agrees … long hours practicing after school, continuing to push through amid losing their voices to allergies and overuse, and learning to waltz have been the toughest part of their jobs! 

What makes this show, and this opportunity for students, so special? 

Anani (Cinderella) - “This show is an Oaklawn production! We do it so well, and we have for years … We [at Oaklawn] help grow the dreams of kids through … plays and opportunities to learn skills (like singing, dancing, etc.) that many [students] don’t ever get to experience ... This school means so much to me.”

Kamea (Anastasia) - “This experience gets me closer to being on the Disney Channel! … and,. the main cast represents my second family. It has been fun building.”

Maya (Fairy Godmother) - “Not everybody gets to do this [participate in a performance]. We know that. We work hard for it, and they [Oaklawn staff members] work so hard ... and we appreciate it.”

Miley (Stepmother)  - “I really want to be on Broadway! … these plays are my first real training. I love them!”  

Cordalyn (Prince) - ..."Our plays are amazing opportunities. I love being at this school, where we include everyone … you feel loved, here.” 

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