Park 2nd Graders Redefine Holiday Traditions

Park 2nd Graders Redefine Holiday Traditions
Posted on 01/21/2020
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Second grade students at our Park Magnet, an IB World School, presented their summative assessment projects for the “Who We Are” Unit of Inquiry. The project assignment was to create their own holiday or celebration, entirely unique from any existing holiday. The final project was to include and answer: When does the celebration take place? Where does the celebration take place? How do you celebrate this holiday? Does your celebration honor someone? Do you receive or give gifts? Why do you celebrate this holiday?

Students created posters to help communicate the details of their unique holidays and celebrations. The critical thinkers and creative minds in all three second grade classrooms came up with outstanding celebrations. It is noticeable immediately that most holiday ideas have in common the need for togetherness with family and/or friends, and great food. Our Park Magnet second grade teachers Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Aldridge, and Mrs. Laxson, provide examples below to highlight some of the best from each group: 

-Paxton created a “2018 Championship Day” holiday on March 21, to honor basketball players and coaches who won the 2019 Championship Basketball Game;

-Vivian created a “Friends Day” holiday to show appreciation to friends with a potluck, gift exchange, and party with pets;

-Josephine created “Hernandez Day,” which is a party for her entire Hernandez family, and an excuse to celebrate with a cookout and pool time;

-Madi Claire created a “Happy Last Day of School” holiday, which is a celebration for students to choose their favorite restaurants and favorite adventure destinations to visit as school finishes;

-Ella created “Prank My Sibling Day,” which is a day-long celebration to play tricks or pranks on siblings; 

-Bree created the “U.S. Anniversary Day” to celebrate when her family came to the United States from the Philippines;

-Ayden created “Brother’s Day,” a celebration meant to celebrate brothers and the bond of brothers across the world;

-Synphanee created “Make a Dream Day,” which is a celebration that highlights the biggest dreams of each individual and allows for everyone’s dreams to be broadcast on the radio so that we can listen to one another’s dreams together and help them to come true (while we eat cake, candy, and ice cream);

-Addy created “All About Me Day,” which encourages individuals to take a day and do all of their very favorite things;

-Corben created “Pet Day,” a celebration that gives all a full day to honor their pets by taking them to parks and giving them their favorite snacks (he brought Scooby-Snacks as a prop);

-Ruth created “Secretariat Week,” a celebration to honor the historic American Thoroughbred racehorse who, in 1973, became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years;

-Ashley created “Mexico Butterfly Day,” a celebration that requires attendees to search for butterflies with family and friends, and then return to eat ice cream and Mexican Cake together;

-Kylee created “Chrysanthemum Day,” a holiday for friends and family to feast together and exchange chrysanthemum flowers to remind one another to be optimistic and joyful every day; 

-Julian created “Titanic Appreciation Day,” a celebration to pay tribute to the historic and devastating event of the sinking of the Titanic ship in 1912;

-Jesus created “The Celebration of My Family” Day, which is a day dedicated to spending time with his family as they go to church, and then lunch, and then play games together.

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