Is there a link to the ADE that lists the Education Standards?

Educational standards can be found on the Arkansas Department of Education's website at http://www.arkansased.org

What is the Hot Springs School District's "Closing the Achievement Gap" policy?

Hot Springs School District adopted the following policy statement concerning "Closing the Achievement Gap".

The achievement gap is the single most critical issue in American education (McGee, 2004). The vision of the Hot Springs School District is for students to graduate college and career ready in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. The Closing Achievement Gap committee is dedicated to assuring that all students reach their fullest potential in a supportive environment. High expectations will apply for every student regardless of economic background, race, or gender. Closing the gap will impact students, their families, and the community. Together, as partners in this collaborative effort, we can ensure students are college and career ready as they become well educated citizens.

Does the District publish a newsletter?

The Hot Springs School District publishes three newsletters annually; Fall, Winter and Spring. Each publication can be viewed by visiting the home page District Information menu and selecting District Newsletter.

What is a Student AUP?

The Hot Springs School District utilizes a Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) authorizing student access to the district's computer network resources and the internet. The complete agreement form can be viewed by visiting the home page Technology menu and selecting Student AUP. This agreement form is also located in Student Handbooks and must be signed by the child's parent or guardian prior to the granting of district owned computer or other electronic device permissions.

What is the Hot Springs School District Family OutReach Center?

The Hot Springs School District Family OutReach Center was developed for the purpose of assisting district families in developing a supportive network system through the many area agencies. Located at 317 Palmetto Street, the center provides assistance access for employment and job skills, classes in budgeting, parenting, credit counseling, healthy living and wellness, and other life skills. Connecting to community services for education, medical and mental health care, recovery and other services such as clothing and food assistance are also primary goals of the center. For more information, contact Erica Cross @ 501-463-7428.

What magnet school themes are offered in the Hot Springs School District?

The Hot Springs School District is committed to providing educational excellence for all of its students. Offering a world-class education to approximately 3600 students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12, the Hot Springs School District is the second largest in Garland County and one of its leading employers. The district has eight schools within its 34.92 square miles, and includes the majority of the Hot Springs city limits. Magnet themes including STEM, Visual and Performing Arts, Aerospace and Environmental Studies, and the International Baccalaureate program provide significant rich curriculum-based studies to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens.

The four elementary magnet schools within the district are Gardner STEM, Langston Aerospace and Environmental Studies, Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts, and Park International Baccalaureate. All four have won awards as recognized by the Magnet Schools of America Organization and the U.S. Department of Education.

Hot Springs School District has the distinction of being Arkansas' only K-12 International Baccalaureate Program. This internationally recognized and officially authorized world-class education is available through three divisions based on grade levels; Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (DP). PYP is utilized at Park (grades K-4), while MYP curriculum is followed at the Intermediate School (grades 5-6), Hot Springs Middle School (grades 7-8), and at Hot Springs High School (grades 9-10). The DP based studies are offered for students in grades 11-12 at Hot Springs High School.

For additional information concerning the Magnet School themes, please contact the individual school's principal. Assistance may also be provided by contacting Dr. Stephanie Nehus @ 501-624-3372.

What is meant by HAC/TAC?

HAC, or Home Access Center is the newly adopted Arkansas Department of Education system that allows parents and students to view student registration, scheduling, attendance, assignment, and grade information. The program is a component of an online system called eSchool Plus and requires user accounts. Login information for the accounts are sent home with students or mailed to parents. A full explanation of HAC can be viewed by visiting the home page Parent/District Information tab and selecting Home Access Center Info. If you have any questions or problems accessing HAC, please call Dr. Stephanie Nehus at (501)624-3372.

TAC, or Teacher Access Center is the teacher gradebook portion of eSchool PLUS and the module in which teachers use to record grades and attendance.

What are the residency boundry lines for attending the district's four elementary schools?

The residence of a Hot Springs School District K-4 student does not determine the magnet school assignment.  The district utilizes an application process and schedules an Open House in early Spring for the purpose of accepting students.  The Open House allows each school to showcase its offerings aiding parents in the selection process.  Students with completed applications are given top priority when determining assignments.  Though there is a deadline, student placement is open, providing other considering factors such as staffing and physical space are within acceptable parameters.    

Students enrolling after the application deadline should contact Dr. Stephanie Nehus at 624-3372 for assistance and placement.

Hot Springs School District does accept students from other school districts who want to attend our schools. Public School Choice forms must be picked up in our individual school offices or the district office at 400 Linwood, 624-3372.

Hot Springs School District:  The School of Choice, Excellence, and Opportunity.

What social media sources are available for the schools in the Hot Springs School District?

Many of the Hot Springs School District campuses utilize various social media resources as a method to communicate information to students, parents, community, and other stakeholders.  Information is also disseminated through the use of School Messenger and District/Campus websites.

Below is a list of school sites and current application availability:

School Twitter Facebook Instagram
HSHS @hotspringshigh Link @hotspringshigh
HSIS @HSIntermediate Link @hsintermediate
HSMS @HSMSTrojans Link @hsmstrojans
Park @Park_IB_School    
Gardner @gardnerstem Link @GARDNERSTEM
Langston  @langstonmagnet Link @LangstonMagneths
Oaklawn   Link  
HSSD @HSSD_Trojans Link  

Where can I find information on School Messenger communication alerts/messages?

You can find more information on our School Messenger FAQ page.
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