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Covid-19 Guidance

The health and safety of every student and staff member is our highest priority. Thank you for your support. We are dedicated to ensuring a happy, healthy, and safe school year for all! Please read full Community Guidance for Covid-19 Protocols in the 2022-2023 School Year via documents below. An Overview is also provided to summarize the information.



  • If an individual tests positive for Covid-19, he/she completes a 5-day quarantine. The positive test date or onset of symptoms is considered “Day 0.” The individual is highly encouraged to wear a mask for five additional days after they return.

  • If an individual tests positive for Covid-19 (a student OR staff member OR parent/guardian/guest) - please do NOT come on school property for any reason until after you have completed a full five-day quarantine period.

  • The wearing of face masks is optional for all students and staff members. 

  • Parents/Guardians must report it to the school district when a student tests positive for Covid-19, so that the 5-day quarantine period is coded correctly as Quarantine-absences.

  • Per updated guidance from federal/state officials, the HSSD will no longer complete Contact Tracing and/or require Probable Close Contacts to quarantine (only individuals who test positive for Covid-19 complete a 5-day quarantine). This means that if an individual is exposed to someone else or lives with someone else who tests positive for Covid-19, they are not required to quarantine. 

    • Individuals who live in the same home with someone who tests positive should isolate away from the person and monitor for symptoms. 

    • When possible, the HSSD will provide a District Message to a class or student group when an individual tests positive for Covid following an extended period of close contact with other students while at school. The District Message will simply tell families to be on alert and to monitor students for Covid-symptoms.

  • Students and families should work with their healthcare providers and/or local pharmacies to obtain Covid-19 tests. 

  • The HSSD will continue to strictly enforce the Student Sick Policy. Parents should keep sick students home, please, and/or be advised that we will continue to send sick students home from school.